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    “My name is as exotic as my body,” Adriana says. “I love to surprise people with just how unusual I can be. Most men crave variety and excitement. That’s the ride that I give them. I think whenever you have the opportunity, you should not only give in to your fantasies, but you should help other people to enact their own. We all have these secret desires inside us, and we never really take the time to explore them. We think about them, but it doesn’t go any farther. I think the happiest people in life are the ones who do actually take the time to take things a step farther, to actually get their fantasies fulfilled. I think fantasies are a wonderful thing, but too many people act like something forbidden or dirty. Adriana goes on, “Think about that for a minute. We all have fantasies. Every single one of us has them, no matter whether we admit them or not. So when people are making fun of other’s fantasies, or maybe taking pleasure in the fact that somebody’s private desires got outed in like a celebrity sex tape or something, just remember that every single one of us could have had that happen to us. We all have those desires, and we’ve all done things that we wouldn’t want, as videotape was shown to the world. Every time a celebrity sex tape airs that wasn’t a setup, I wonder about that. How dare people act like they don’t have fantasies and desires of their own?” Adriana believes that imagination is the only limit to what two people can enjoy together. “Two or more,” she adds. “I think you’ve got to let your imagination run wild, romantically, if you really want to sample the delights this life can offer.”